Boxing: Dawejko: I did enough to win

Daweyko vs Miller - photo credits: Rich Graessle/Main Events
Last Saturday in Uncasville, Conn., Joey the "Polish Thunder" Dawejko (7-1-2, 4KO) has bravely fought Jarrell Miller (4-0-1, 4KO) in his own backyard. The result was a draw, which did not satisfy the Philadelphia's own heavy-weight fighter, who already is looking forward to his next bout against an undefeated opponent on Feb 8th in Montreal.

What can you tell about your first fight this year?

Joey Dawejko: It was tough. The guy was an MMA fighter, so he was really dirty. He was hitting me with elbows, his forearm and a lot of head butts. Also throwing me on the floor a lot. It was a very dirty fight.

Miller won two rounds then you came back strong in the remaining two periods. So was the outcome fair?

J.D.: The draw was a little weird, I think I did enough to win. But it is what it is. Main Events was looking to sign him, so basically that was his backyard.

His backyard, so he came out swinging looking for his 5th KO in 5 bouts. But you were not to be denied, right?

J.D.: Even tough Miller was big and strong he never hurt me once. He really didn't do his homework on me, because I don't think he was ready for my style. He thought I was going to come out and get knocked out, but apart from the jab and a little bit of a head movement he didn't know what to do with me.

It was your first fight since since you suffered your first career loss to Dorsett Barnwell 4 months ago. Why such a long layover?

J.D.: I was actually supposed to fight in October against a 2008 Columbian Olympian Oscar Rivas in Montreal. We got up there, weighed in and seen the doctor. Then the next day his promoter told us that he had a hand injury and he wouldn't be able to fight. My thinking was that he knew I was coming in ready to take his 0. He seen the fire in my eyes and he was intimidated.

But you will get to fight in Canada after all, correct?

J.D.: Yes, my next fight is on February 8th against Didier Bence from Canada. He's 6-0 2KOs and was a great amateur up there. The fight will take place in Montreal, so this is another undefeated fighter I'm facing in his own backyard.

I am guessing that this is how Mario Yagobi wants to promote you. Speaking of which how is your relationship with Boxing 360?

J.D.: They are a great promotion company. I have everything I need and Dr. Yagobi is always right there for me. It's like we are a family. No matter what we have each other's back.

If everything is working out why did you win only two fights last year?

J.D.: In 2012 I went 2-1-1. The 2 wins were satisfying, the draw I broke my hand and fought threw. And the loss was hard. It was a split decision and I think once again that I did enough to win the fight. But that's just the way boxing goes. You never know what the judges are watching.

However last year you also won big time in October when... your daughter was born. How do you find yourself in a daddy's role?

J.D.: Being a father is greater then anything I have accomplished in boxing. My daughter being born changed my life. She is my everything. I wake up looking for her and go to sleep kissing and hugging her. She's my inspiration and my joy. I know that she will always be on my side no matter what. She's the greatest thing that ever happened to me, other then meeting my fiancee. She also has a daughter and they are all the biggest part of my life! I love you Maria (fiancee) Hailey (step daughter) and Jayla Hope (my daughter)!

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